• Carolyn's work was very thorough and professional. You are a pleasure to work with and made the whole process much more bearable. Plus, you gave us great advice on several items.

  • When moving to a new city it is critical to find a realtor that is responsive to your needs. Carolyn possesses the utmost professionalism and integrity to deal with any client. During the months of building and negotiating, Carolyn would always provide advice that would eliminate problems for me and my family as we got closer and closer to closing.

  • Carolyn as first time homebuyers we felt you treated us with respect and honesty. Your advice was always in our best interest. You were punctual and a smart negotiator. Most of all, we felt as if we were dealing with a good friend!

  • I was very happy with your pro-active approach towards selling my house, helping me manage my home remotely, and all the time you spent on my real estate needs.

  • Your attention to detail and discussion of options at all times. There was no stress involved, which is a big plus. We knew we were being taken care of in all aspects of the transaction.